“How AI can help in creating and determining SEPs” is the title of a brand new webinar which Iprova is hosting jointly with leading patents market intelligence provider LexisNexis IPlytics.

Making viable and valuable contributions to standards is becoming more intricate, time-consuming and labour-intensive. At the same time, the demand for connectivity in many sectors is rising rapidly, thus increasing the requirement for fresh innovation and new wireless standards. Those who can create these fresh standards can create significant value for their business, both now and well into the future.

The keynote speaker on the webinar will be Koenraad Wuyts, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at telecoms giant KPN. Koenraad is hugely experienced in the challenges of contributing meaningfully to standards against a backdrop of increasing demand and will be giving a fascinating insight into how his organisation is addressing these issues.

The webinar will help you to understand:
-How data intelligence solutions support making contributing to standards a more inclusive, more diverse, more productive and less expensive activity.
-How digital technologies are making it easier to improve the analysis and management of SEP portfolios.
-How thought leaders are using new data intelligence tools to help make standards contributions a more inclusive and efficient activity, whilst managing the resulting SEPs to maximise business performance.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 14th September at 16.00 CET / 15.00 BST / 10.00 EST.

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