Key takeaways from the 2024 AI Assisted Invention summit

Iprova, the company behind the world’s first AI-Assisted invention platform, partnered with Microsoft on the 2024 AI-Assisted Invention Summit which was held IMD Business School on 4th June 2024 in Lausanne. 

This groundbreaking event brought together leaders from business, invention, IP and AI to explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on invention creation. The summit aimed to foster collaboration, share insights, and discuss best practices for leveraging AI to drive innovation and secure intellectual property rights.

Key take-aways

  • AI-Assisted Invention enhances the Eureka moment, making it more robust, reliable, and valuable.
  • Integrating invention creation into business workflows increases efficiency and aligns with business strategy.
  • Within the next five years, AI-Assisted Invention will significantly impact R&D, similar to how digital technologies have transformed marketing.

The consensus: AI-Assisted Invention is here. It works. It will revolutionise the way the world invents.

Watch the video of Dr. Saiful Khan and CEO Julian Nolan moderated by Joff Wild discussing the key takeaways from the event from an IP attorney’s perspective.

Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova, stated, “The AI-Assisted Invention was a great success, and we were delighted to partner with Microsoft for this summit. AI is revolutionising the way we invent, and this event is an opportunity to delve deep into the intersection of technology and intellectual property, sharing our vision for the future of innovation. By end 2025, its our views that over 50% of all inventions will be created with the help of AI.  We expect digital technologies to have the same impact on R&D that they have already had on marketing by end of 2027 – a complete transformation is coming, not just in the way inventions are created but also in the way they are evaluated and integrated into business workflows.”

Watch the video of Deloitte’s Partner Intellectual Property and Tech law,
Maaike van Velzen and CEO Julian Nolan discussing the key highlights of the day.

The AI-Assisted Invention Summit is a must-attend event for anyone involved in innovation, from startups and established companies to researchers and legal professionals. 

We would like to thank our event sponsors Microsoft, Potter Clarkson, EPFL and our event hosts IMD Business School.

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