The Iprova
Invention Platform

Iprova’s technology enables the creation of inventions by identifying and connecting useful inventive signals from day-day social, market and technological advances - even if they are very distant to the target invention area. The technology has been built on Iprova’s 10 years of research into invention creation, which captures our experience of working with leading technology companies to create over 2,500 inventions.

Why Iprova?

Imagine if your company could capture changes across industries, technologies, markets and society as soon as they occur and use these to create disruptive inventions that result in valuable new products and services.


We create valuable inventions which span different domains, product ecosystems and/or experience journeys, and which can help grow our customers' top-line through disruptive new products protected by foundational patents.


Invention is a race where the winner takes all. Inventing faster provides a better chance of winning the invention race, where the lead can be sustained by filing patents with broad claims.


Our digital, lean, approach means that the target invention area can be continuously updated to match the needs of fast changing markets.


Finally, we have made invention a robust, reliable and systematic activity which reflects the importance of the resulting intellectual assets and associated top-line benefits to your business.


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Iprova defines a target invention area with your team and delivers a stream of patentable inventions starting 2 weeks after an invention campaign begins, and then at 2 week intervals. You may accept or reject inventions from the stream. We assign to you the Intellectual Property Rights for each accepted invention.

Iprova identifies high-value areas for invention to support and help define your product roadmap and business strategy. These high value areas for invention can then be populated with inventions through an Invention Creation campaign.

... Invention Studioevo extends the state-of-the-art for machine-enhanced creativity tools into the area of technical invention creation and, for the first time, truly makes invention an activity which is accessible throughout an organization.

Mohamad Ali Mahfouz
CTO Microsoft Switzerland

invention lab

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Iprova's DDI Lab is a turnkey package which comprises everything that you need to set up your own in-house data-driven invention lab including software, processes, training and support. The data-driven invention lab is additive and complementary to your existing innovation ecosystem, providing the inventions you need to grow top line revenues through innovative next generation products and services.

Iprova has demonstrated that their technology will enhance BIC’s approach to inventing products that solve the needs of our consumers. That’s why we decided to bring their technology in-house, strengthening BIC’s R&D capability and creating a stream of disruptive and diverse inventions that will help us stay ahead of ever-changing consumer demands.

Thomas Brette
Insights and Innovation Officer, BIC Group

10 out of 10 of the world’s largest technology companies* reference granted patents based on our inventions.

*Forbes, 2019

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