Iprova is delighted to announce that the impact that our new Invention Studioevo invention platform is having at many of the world’s best-known companies has been acknowledged by being named a finalist in the prestigious Elektra Awards.  It has been nominated in the Design Tool and Development Software Product of the Year category, which is well-deserved recognition both of the hard work, dedication and expertise of the team at Iprova and of the way in which Iprova’s technology is transforming how high value inventions are created around the world.

Invention Studioevo is Iprova’s invention platform which is used to help create the inventions which enable next generation products. The Elektra Awards focus on the electronics industry, where Invention Studioevo allows manufacturers to invent with much greater speed, efficiency and reliability, whilst, at the same time, making invention a much more open and accessible activity.  However, Iprova’s platform is also deployed across a wide range of other sectors, including healthcare, FMCG, telecoms, automotive, manufacturing and energy.

Iprova CEO and Founder, Julian Nolan, commented “Being a finalist in these high-profile awards is wonderful recognition of the significant impact that Invention Studioevo is having at many of the world’s best-known companies.  By using AI to enhance, rather than replace, human creativity, Iprova is enabling human inventors to create inventions in a data-driven way.  This approach is much faster and more efficient than alternatives and in this way Invention Studioevo further widens the gap between “traditional,” artisanal and serendipitous invention practices and Iprova’s systematic reliable and repeatable approach. The Iprova team’s hard work and dedication is paying off and this nomination recognises their achievements.”

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