The way we travel is changing as a result of better integrated, frictionless transport systems and emerging trends such as the Mobility-as-a-Service model. Urban transportation is set to be revolutionized by car sharing, autonomous vehicles and smart roads.

Iprova has worked with mobility and infrastructure companies to create inventions that will help effect this change – in areas from shipping to autonomous vehicles to the smart electricity grid.


Our work

Iprova worked with a leading technology company that wanted to develop technologies to improve consumer convenience whilst also improving the sustainability of integrated transport solutions. Our inventions led to over 30 patent filings, which included products and services designed to enhance a user’s individual experience of using transportation systems.

Patents based on our inventions in the transportation area have been cited by companies including BMW, Daimler, Ford, Uber, Renault, Hitachi, Toyota, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Otis and Kone.

Example invention

Iprova set out to optimise the use of a mobility system that few of us think of as a public transport construct: elevators. The system we developed tracks the movement of users and predicts, based on their previous and current routes, when a user intends to use an elevator system. A user’s route, or “geo-routine”, is monitored using their mobile device. If their current route is similar to a previous route and if, as part of their previous route, they utilised an elevator, the user’s current route is automatically integrated into the elevator system’s schedule. This improves the elevator system’s scheduling efficiency and enhances the user experience by minimising elevator waiting time and reduces power consumption.

Patents: US10259682 (B2), US9323232 (B2) Transportation remote call system based on passenger geo-routines