We are pleased to announce the return of our ever-popular Data-Driven Invention Forum as an in-person event for 2022.  Bringing together a select group of thought leaders from across industry and academia to discuss recent developments and potential future advances in the use of data and analytics to help in the creation of patentable inventions, the event enables you to

  • Learn how data and analytics can be applied to invention creation in your organisation
  • Benchmark against industry best practice and hear from existing users
  • Learn about how your peers are using data to create the inventions that are driving IP and new product portfolios
  • Understand more about the AI technology behind data-driven invention
  • Meet the Iprova invention research and invention development teams and learn the science of the art of invention

The event also features an extremely insightful and engaging workshop on “The Invention Journey”, where our experts not only guide attendees through the process of creating their own invention using Iprova’s data-driven approach, but also then explain how to evaluate inventions, so that the best survive and get brought to market.

Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova, commented: “It will be great to get back together in-person.  While the forum sessions are insightful and thought-provoking, there is also huge value to be gained from those conversations over coffee or dinner.  Since we were last able to hold the event, the world has changed dramatically and the need to invent and innovate has become even greater, as companies strive to compete and differentiate.”

Places at the event, to be held at the Casino de Morges, Morges, Switzerland on Tuesday 17th May, are limited.  However, we will do our utmost to accommodate potential attendees.  Please contact forum@iprova.com to explore the possibilities and discuss your invention challenges.

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