Coupled with a welcoming and prestigious venue and some glorious Swiss spring weather, Iprova’s 4th annual Data-Driven Invention Forum was a great success and attracted its largest ever attendance. A really good overview of what was a superb conference can be gained from this highlights video.

While the speaker line-up provided some really thought-provoking presentations, the interactive invention workshops were probably the stand-out aspect of the day. This gave attendees an ideal opportunity to experience our Invention Studio invention creation platform first-hand and try out inventing for themselves in a real-life scenario. The results were impressive and demonstrated how Artificial Intelligence can be used to augment and enhance the human ability to invent. Workshop sessions such as these really give a great insight into how Iprova is turning invention from a rare art into an accessible tool – taking it from being a tactical, artisanal craft based on serendipity and chance to a reliable, strategic and repeatable activity. If you would like us to run an exploratory invention workshop for your organisation, please contact us.

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