Iprova’s data-driven approach to invention has been applied to a wide variety of sectors, ranging from modular nuclear reactors to toothpaste and many points in between.  The latest addition to this impressive list is shipping, as a result of Maersk, the Danish-based global integrated logistics giant, deciding to trial Iprova’s approach.  Iprova’s Invention Studio software platform will be used to help Maersk’s talented people in creating inventions that will give the company the edge in a hugely competitive logistics and transportation market. The focus of the pilot project is for selected Maersk employees to create inventions in an area of high business impact using Iprova’s data-driven invention approach.

In common with many companies around the world, Maersk relies on inventions and innovation across its operations to boost profitability and keep it ahead of the competition. For large corporations, a small improvement in the cost or efficiency of a frequently-used process or operation can have a significant impact on the bottom line. As a result, the company is always looking for highly innovative inventions, including those which may draw on inputs from a wide range of distant domains.  This can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but that is where Iprova’s technology can be applied.

Commenting on the pilot project, Simone Frattasi, Head of Global IP at Maersk said “At Maersk, we wish to generate inventions that provide a step change. This pilot project will prove whether adopting Iprova’s data-driven approach will help us in achieving that goal and accelerating that process onwards. The results will be fascinating.”

Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova, added: “We have pioneered the use of AI and other technologies to augment and enhance the human ability to invent. Working with some of the world’s best-known technology companies, our Invention Studio software platform enables the products of tomorrow to be invented faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible, helping companies to compete more effectively. We are delighted to be helping Maersk on their transformative journey.”

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