Invention Hybrid offering combines streams of ready-to-use inventions with access to Iprova’s breakthrough invention platform, Invention Studio.

Artificial Intelligence’s role in creative activities is only just beginning to be appreciated. Iprova’s new Invention Hybrid approach is an easy and low-risk way for organizations, big and small, to experiment with how AI could help them in their invention activities. The new Invention Hybrid offering enables clients to combine an Iprova-created stream of inventions with access to Iprova’s Invention Studio invention platform for 12 months. In this way, clients not only see immediate results in the form of patentable inventions through the invention stream provided by Iprova, but can also evaluate Iprova’s platform and understand how it can be deployed in their organization. 

The Iprova-created invention stream provides inventions at key points of market/technology disruption in real-time response to daily technical, social and market change.   These  then enable clients to build valuable new patent portfolios which drive the creation of new products.  By combining access to an invention stream and also to Invention Studio, the Invention Hybrid offering both provides tangible and valuable immediate results, in the form of inventions, and also allows clients to see how they were created using Invention Studio – and try it out for themselves.

Commenting on the launch of this new option, Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova said: “Invention Hybrid makes perfect sense for a lot of our clients, as they not only get the inventions that they need, at the time that they need them, but they are able to evaluate and understand how the use of data and AI can be used to benefit the invention creation process.  They can then also, in an easy and low-risk way, see how this technology can be used and integrated within their own organization”.

Julian concluded by saying: “The new Invention Hybrid product is the perfect complement to our well-established invention streams and data-driven invention platform, which are already used by a wide range of leading companies such as BIC, Philips and Sony. It makes perfect sense for those organizations who want to benefit immediately through the creation of valuable inventions at key points of industry disruption, whilst at the same time understanding how data-driven invention can be scaled across their organization”.


Press contact: Colin Eade, Marketing Manager –

About Iprova: Iprova is pioneering the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies which augment and enhance the human ability to invent. Working with some of the world’s best-known technology companies, our invention platform enables the products of tomorrow to be invented faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible, helping companies to compete more effectively. We support our global client-base from our offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), London and Cambridge (UK).

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