The Swiss AI scale-up Iprova has been selected to join the Microsoft for Startups program. As a result of this, Microsoft is helping fuel Iprova’s growth by providing access to technical resources and mentoring and support in areas such as business development.

Iprova a pioneer in data-driven invention. Headquartered in Lausanne (CH) with offices in Cambridge and London (UK), Iprova creates novel and unexpected inventions for its clients, representing some of the world’s best-known technology companies across North America, Europe and Japan. Iprova’s inventions help its customers to define new products in areas such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and communications. Hundreds of patents have been filed by Iprova’s customers who include Sony, Philips, Nokia, Panasonic. The stationery and shaving company BIC has recently launched a dedicated invention lab based on Iprova’s technology.

Iprova has developed Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies which identify and connect useful inventive signals from day-day social, market and technological advances, even if they are very distant to the target invention area.

Microsoft Azure provides a reliable and secure platform for Iprova’s technology

As a result, the Iprova Invention platform – hosted on Azure – can empower users to create disruptive and valuable inventions in direct response to these advances. Iprova’s clients can then invent and create strategic, high-value products and services. “Working more closely with Microsoft means that not only do we have the opportunity of benefiting from their technology, but we also receive valuable help in building our business including access to the Microsoft sales channel,” says Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova.

“I was impressed and surprised to learn how Iprova transforms a previously serendipitous process by using data and analytics,” says Raya Volinsky, EMEA Director for Strategic Partners Sales at Microsoft. “The digital transformation of the invention process brings the same change to our customers they have already seen in many other parts of their businesses. This is the kind of innovation we want to support at Microsoft.”

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