Iprova was again at the centre of activity at the EPFL’s Applied Machine Learning Days this week, having been invited to participate in several activities during the event. Iprova’s involvement recognises the company’s importance in both industry — augmenting inventive and innovative possibilities with advanced ML and NLP techniques — and as a platform for the next generation of skilled machine learning engineers to apply their expertise to creating tangible commercial value for our customers.

Iprova’s technological leadership was on show on Sunday 26th January, as Iprova Machine Learning Engineer, Yassine Benyahia, and Iprova-affiliated EPFL Researcher, Matteo Pagliardini presented a workshop on the challenges of scaling up transfer learning in NLP. Their conclusions provided valuable input into the advancement of NLP applications. This work is already augmenting the way that Iprova applies NLP techniques to the fast and wide-ranging identification of disruptive and inventive possibilities as soon as they occur.

Then, on Tuesday 28th, Iprova’s Julian Nolan took the stage alongside Benevolent AI’s Daniel Neil – both presenting on the topic of ‘AI and Invention’. Julian talked about ‘Reinventing Invention’, providing answers to the question ‘What is invention?’, explaining how data and NLP techniques can add disruption, diversity and speed to the invention process, and showcasing some of the 1000s of inventions that Iprova has delivered to its customers.

And, of course, we were invited to participate in ‘Startup’ day on the final day of the event. While Iprova has a long track record of developing patentable inventions with many of the world’s largest corporations, we retain the agility, dynamism and advanced technology of a startup. Iprova representatives CTO Harm Cronie, and engineers Shao Min and Yassine, discussed the Iprova experience with current and upcoming experts in machine learning.

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