This month Iprova marks ten years of pioneering the digital transformation of invention through its data-driven invention technology. The Lausanne-headquartered company, which also has offices in London and Cambridge, UK, uses this technology to enable both itself and its customers to invent at an unprecedented speed and level of disruption.

Nokia and Philips were among Iprova’s first customers. Since then the company has delivered inventions across sectors including telecoms, consumer electronics, automotive, utilities, healthcare, lighting, industrial and FMCG.

Philips’ Head of IP, Connected Care, Maaike van Velzen said, “The Iprova team identified a great opportunity for adding value in the innovation and IP creation process. Bringing intelligence and a very structured approach to innovation and IP creation has proven to open new domains at an earlier moment in time. ”

Nokia’s Head of Patenting, Harri Honkasalo, said, “Using Iprova means we have access to additional forward-looking inventions at key points of industry convergence, helping us maintain a commercially relevant patent portfolio.”

BIC Group Insights and Innovation Officer, Thomas Brette said, “Iprova has demonstrated that their technology will enhance BIC’s approach to inventing products that solve the needs of our consumers. That’s why we decided to bring their technology in-house, strengthening BIC’s R&D capability and creating a stream of disruptive and diverse inventions.”

Iprova has already delivered thousands of inventions since its incorporation. Hundreds of these have resulted in granted patents, or are entering the patent prosecution process. All 10 of the world’s largest tech companies including Google, Amazon and Microsoft reference Iprova inventions in their own publications.

Iprova CEO and founder, Julian Nolan, added, “Iprova recognised the opportunity to use digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to help change invention from an art to a science. By doing this we have been able to change invention from an activity based on chance interactions to one which is robust, proactive and above all strategic. As a result our customers can access the inventions needed to drive new highly differentiated products and foundational patent portfolios – and hence top line revenues”.

As Iprova enters a new decade of delivering data-driven invention, corporations are increasingly adopting our approach to stay ahead of their competition. Iprova continues to accelerate the application of data-driven invention by enabling customers to bring Iprova’s technology in-house with embedded (‘e-Iprova’) options and further developments in the pipeline that are enabling the democratisation of invention.

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