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Iprova uses advanced machine learning and other technologies to augment human intelligence, allowing us to create commercially relevant inventions at high speed and with great diversity.

As explained by our CEO and founder:


We help world-leading businesses speed up and diversify their innovation, helping them benefit from opportunities driven by the huge levels of convergence currently occurring between previously unrelated industries. Iprova has been successful in creating inventions based on these points of convergence, many of which may become the foundation for new products and services across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Hundreds of patents based on our inventions have been filed by some of the best-known technology companies worldwide. Our customers include companies such as Philips, Deutsche Telekom and Panasonic in Europe, Japan, and more leading technology companies in the United States. We have delivered inventions in diverse physical science-based industries including next generation mobile devices, wearables, 5G telecommunications, autonomous vehicles, blockchain and healthcare.


Unexpected inventions on time and to budget
Invent better & faster
Timing advantage
Bridge into the future
Artificial Intelligence
Sensing the unexpected

Why us

You are first

We are able to sense day-to-day changes as they occur and quickly develop inventions based on these. This conveys a timing advantage to our customers, providing an improved chance of being first and the associated commercial and patent filing advantages.

You are different

Our software allows us to create disruptive inventions that draw elements from a huge number of different domains, including diverse information from seemingly distant fields. Such inventions would be difficult to create in a timely way using traditional approaches to research, which are necessarily focused.

We are aligned to your business needs

We deliver the first inventions just two weeks after project start, and then iteratively at two-weekly intervals. You accept only those inventions which can create value for your business.

We are additive

Our inventions are driven by advances outside the domains where our customers are active. We create unexpected yet commercially relevant inventions which, through their breadth and diversity, add to those from our customers’ R&D groups.

Inventing new products and services


Iprova creates inventions to drive new product features, new products or new product families in support of a business strategy or product roadmap. We deliver technical inventions which can drive product differentiation in markets such as mobile devices, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles and healthcare. Each invention is illustrated with use cases, and can be associated with a business model.
Example: We work with a mobile device company to contribute product-level inventions underpinning a new business strategy that lies outside the company’s current R&D resources.


Iprova creates inventions to drive new services in support of a business strategy or product roadmap. We deliver technical inventions which can enable value-creating services in technology areas such as blockchain, autonomous vehicles and finance. Each invention is illustrated with use cases and an associated revenue model.
Example: We work with a healthcare company to contribute technical inventions which can support new value-creating services that may result from advances in blockchain and associated technologies.


Iprova creates inventions around a specific problem area with a view of generating a clear business benefit. We deliver technical inventions around a specific problem area which are primarily driven by advances outside of the problem area itself. As a result, our inventions are additive to any inventions likely to be proposed by engineers and scientists working directly in the problem area.
Example: We work with an oil exploration company to create inventions that help to solve difficult problems. These inventions are driven by advances outside the oil and gas domain, and so are not visible to our customers’ own engineers and scientists in a timely way.

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