What We Do

Iprova uses the power of the world’s inventive information to create disruptive, patentable and commercially relevant inventions in direct response to real time changes around the world.

Iprova has used its data-driven invention (DDI) technology to create thousands of patentable inventions for some of the world’s best-known companies, including Sony, Nokia, Philips and Panasonic.

“Using Iprova means we have access to additional forward-looking inventions at key points of industry convergence, helping us maintain a commercially relevant patent portfolio.”

Harri Honkasalo, Head of Patenting, Nokia

Data-Driven Invention

Iprova’s data-driven approach to invention has been proven through the creation of 1000s of inventions in over 50 target areas, enabling companies to:

  • bring digital transformation-at-scale to invention creation
  • invent with an unprecedented speed, potential for disruption and efficiency
  • utilise a stream of high-value inventions that are additive and complementary to the output of traditional R&D functions
  • drive the creation of foundational IP portfolios and highly differentiated products to help you stay ahead of the competition

DDI may be deployed either as a service, or directly in your organization as a dedicated data-driven invention lab:

Invention Services

Invention Creation:
Iprova delivers a stream of patentable inventions in a defined target area. .

  • Iprova’s team works closely with you to define a target invention area
  • Using our data-driven invention process, Iprova Invention Developers deliver a stream of inventions starting just 2 weeks from the start of a project
  • You may accept or reject inventions at your entire discretion
  • For accepted inventions, Iprova assigns the associated Intellectual Property Rights, and provides additional technical information which integrates with your patent filing and product definition processes.

Disruption Mining:

  • Iprova applies its data-driven technology to identify ‘Points-of-Disruption’ (‘PoD’s) which represent points of social, market or technological convergence against your product roadmap or business strategy, and which represent potential high value areas for proactive invention

Embedded Invention Labs

e-Iprova is a package of software, training, processes, support and documentation which enables your company to bring Iprova’s technology in-house and set up your own DDI lab.

Why use our technology

Wide-angle lens
Iprova’s algorithms identify the latest cross-domain, cross-ecosystem or cross experience journey inventive connections on a massive scale

Reduced invention latency
The software’s speed and scale of review means it can identify and capture advances anywhere ‘ahead of the crowd’

Increased agility
Business needs can change fast. The software can be configured to explore new invention areas rapidly and more flexibly than specialist teams

Invent with Iprova

Our approach is not limited by industry or by current approaches to inventing. If your company is driven to invent in faster, more surprising and more agile ways than your competitors, contact us to find out how our embedded data-driven invention platform can help you to stay ahead.