Iprova Identifies Real-Time Disruption With AI-based ‘Disruption Mining’ Platform

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Iprova Identifies Real-Time Disruption With AI-based ‘Disruption Mining’ Platform

Iprova, the Data-Driven Invention pioneer has announced its Disruption Mining™ platform, which enables organisations to identify emerging technological, commercial and social advances which will potentially impact their businesses. Iprova’s customers use this intelligence to prepare their businesses for imminent disruptive opportunities and threats. By identifying untapped smart-spaces created by these developments, customers can work with Iprova to populate these with newly possible, diverse inventions, lock in competitive advantage and create fundamental IP portfolios at important points of disruption in their industry.

Iprova’s Disruption Mining technology enables companies to identify areas for invention in real-time, based on their strategy, business model, brand attributes, technology, product roadmaps and customer journeys.  The platform is focused on identifying potential points of disruption arising from seemingly distant, yet relevant, technological, social and commercial advances.  These advances often result from unprecedented developments which represent threats to an organisation’s core business, additional to those it has identified through its own analysis. These can include remote, but potentially convergent, technologies, new business models, or unexpected social trends which may generate new commercial opportunities.

Iprova adds further value by populating selected points of disruption with high value inventions which can drive the creation of a foundational patent portfolio. Iprova will engage with customers to alert them of these points of disruption on an ongoing basis, ensuring that they continue to benefit, and act upon, these threats and opportunities. In this way, Iprova offers organisations the readiness to sense and act on these threats and opportunities in a timely manner. Iprova is already delivering this technology to customers across multiple sectors, including FMCG, healthcare and consumer electronics.

Iprova CEO, Julian Nolan, said, “Iprova’s Disruption Mining technology helps companies to identify non-obvious but important points of disruption to their business, brands and products as they occur. Using its Data-Driven Invention technology, Iprova is then able to populate these high value points of disruption with inventions, enabling its customers to establish foundational patent portfolios at key points of future disruption.”

Iprova previously broke new ground with the adoption of machine learning techniques to augment human invention which has resulted in thousands of broad, diverse inventions for major global companies. Iprova is now using its proven data-driven approach to help companies identify the crucial threats and opportunities that need to be addressed for the benefit of the future of their businesses, and which need protection by fundamental inventions and patents.


About Iprova:

Iprova is a scale-up technology company with operations in Lausanne, Switzerland, and London and Cambridge, UK. The company uses machine learning and natural language processing technologies to create high value patentable inventions and identify emerging points of disruption for its clients, who represent some of the world’s best-known technology companies. Iprova’s inventions have been referenced by all 10 of the world’s largest technology companies.
By tracking real-time market, social and technology advances to assess whether they have inventive or disruptive potential, Iprova has transformed the way inventions are created – fueling the patent portfolios of its customers and enabling the ground-breaking products of the future.