Iprova has used its data-driven invention (DDI) technology to create thousands of patentable inventions for some of the world’s best-known companies.
Many of these same companies now want to bring Iprova’s technology in-house by setting up their own DDI labs.

Iprova has demonstrated that their technology will enhance BIC’s approach to inventing products that solve the needs of our consumers. That’s why we decided to bring their technology in-house, strengthening BIC’s R&D capability and creating a stream of disruptive and diverse inventions that will help us stay ahead of ever-changing consumer demands.“

Thomas Brette,
BIC Group Insights and Innovation Officer

e-Iprova: your own DDI lab

  • an industry-first turnkey package comprising software, processes, training and support
  • embeds the Iprova DDI process in your organization
  • is additive and complementary to your existing R&D activities

Why Use e-Iprova

  • transform invention from a tactical activity to a strategic function
  • invent ahead of the competition, and get the ideas you need to bring new disruptive products and services to market
  • combine internal expertise from your team with the right external information delivered at the right time to invent with unprecedented speed, potential for disruption, and efficiency

Invent With Us

Our approach is not limited by industry or by current approaches to inventing.
If your company is driven to invent in faster, more surprising and more agile ways than your competitors, contact us to find out how our embedded data-driven invention platform can help you to stay ahead.