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Iprova is building the next generation of artificial intelligence based technology to support the kind of inventive and creative outcomes usually associated with human intelligence. This helps us to invent faster and more diversely than ever before. As a result, our customers can innovate more quickly and speed up the evolution of their business.

Hundreds of patents have been filed based on our inventions by some of the best known technology companies in worldwide. In Europe our customers include Philips, Deutsche Telekom and EDF.

Unexpected inventions on time and to budget
Invent better & faster
Timing advantage
Bridge into the future
Artificial Intelligence
Sensing the unexpected

Why Us

You are First

We are able to sense day-to-day changes as they occur and quickly develop inventions based on these. This conveys a timing advantage to our customers, providing an improved chance of a successful patent application and broader claims.

You are Different

Our software allows us to create disruptive inventions that draw on many domains, including diverse information from seemingly distant fields. Such inventions would be difficult to create in a timely way using traditional approaches to research, which are necessarily focused.

We are Agile

Our customers can tune the subject of the invention stream at any time during the subscription period.

We are Additive

Our inventions are driven by advances outside the domains where our customers are active. We create unexpected yet commercially relevant inventions which, through their breadth and diversity, add to those from our customers’ R&D groups.

Working With Iprova

Iprova usually works with its customers in one of three ways:

/ Create

Create a foundational patent portfolio to underpin a new strategy or product roadmap where you have little or no R&D capability.

Example: We work with a mobile device company to contribute inventions that underpin a new business strategy that lies outside the company’s current R&D resources.

/ Add

Add potentially disruptive but complementary patent filings to an existing portfolio in a way that complements your existing R&D capability.

Example: We work with a healthcare company to contribute potentially disruptive inventions driven by advances that are not visible in a timely way to its own R&D team.

/ Solve

Generate solutions to a problem.

Example: We work with an oil exploration company to create inventions that may yield solutions to difficult problems and yet which are driven by advances outside the oil and gas domain.

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