The single biggest revolution in innovation over the past decade has been an increased reliance on external idea sources to find the “next new thing.” What I find so interesting about Iprova is that it provides a “smart” way of doing this. The result is that Iprova has been able to raise the probability of innovation payoff; something that we’ve all been trying to do for some time with far less success. 

Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation Management, IMD

Iprova provides us with very interesting “out of the box” inventions which are relevant to our business. These drive both new opportunities for research and the expansion of our patent portfolio. 

Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

Iprova has convinced us with a working product, a strong business plan, a professional management team and practical customer feedback that they have growth potential. 

Walter Steinlin, President of the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation

“Can we invent better, faster and at a lower cost?”, “How to create the right inventions at the right time?”

At Iprova, we can help you invent better and faster. We deliver inventions at the pivotal points of emerging technology, market and social changes. In partnership with your own research and IP professionals, we generate novel, commercially valuable inventions with potentially broad patent claims in the areas where you most need them. We do so by sensing in real-time diverse information from seemingly distant – but relevant – fields and relating this in an inventive way to your own business strategies and roadmaps. Our speed in delivering valuable inventions will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Our customers use Intellectual Property derived from our inventions as the basis for new products to strengthen their patent portfolios.



Iprova has developed unique software that helps us create inventions for some of the world’s largest companies, in market sectors that include oil & gas, lighting, healthcare, automotive and telecommunications.

Working With Us


Across these and many other markets we work to provide highly disruptive – rather than incremental – inventions to our customers which build on and complement their own R&D activities.

The successful delivery of results which fulfil these criteria are provided in one of three ways to Iprova’s customers.



Iprova is the result of a new approach to invention by a group of people who are passionate about improving the way inventions are generated.  We bring the creative results of this work in the form of new Intellectual Property to leading companies around the globe.



Iprova has big ambitions, and our customers have big expectations.  To deliver on these we need smart people who have an intuitive and yet deep understanding of science and technology.



Contact us to learn more of our invention delivery capability and unique technology, and find out more about why many of the world’s leading corporations are working with us to invent first.