Invent in more diverse, dynamic
and disruptive ways than ever before

Iprova is a valuable partner - they complement our own research activities with their out-of-the-box inventions and they help us to generate Intellectual Property where and when needed. I am very impressed by their technical expertise and advanced thinking.

Ruud Peters, Former Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Philips


Iprova is transforming the way new products and services are invented by using data and technologies such as machine learning. We aim to invent ever faster, ever more disruptively – and as a direct result allow our customers to gain competitive advantage by bringing new differentiated and value-creating products and services to market.


We work with you to define an area of invention. This may be based on your intellectual property strategy, product roadmap, business strategy or other interests.


We deliver the first inventions just two weeks after the start of the project, and further inventions at intervals during the subscription period. You can change the target area at any time.


You accept only those inventions that have value to your business and meet your criteria.


You use our inventions to drive value-creating products and services.