Iprova today announces the deployment of an innovative new module for its Invention Studio platform, which Philips Intellectual Property & Standards will use to more efficiently create technical solutions that drive the evolution of technology standards. 

As wireless standards are used in an increasingly large number of industry sectors, from automotive to healthcare, and have to fulfil different requirements for a wide range of use cases, they are becoming ever more complex. As a result, making viable and valuable contributions to standards is becoming more intricate, time-consuming and labour-intensive because of the sheer breadth of domains that need to be monitored.  At the same time, the demand for connectivity in many sectors is rising rapidly, thus increasing the requirement for fresh innovation and new standards.

Under an existing collaboration, Iprova has contributed to Philips Intellectual Property & Standards’ research activities through “Invention-as-a-Service” projects in various fields. Now, Philips IP&S will bring Iprova’s innovation platform, Invention Studio, in-house to support its own data-driven invention activities targeted at technology standards. As part of this deployment, Philips will also become the first user of Invention Studio’s new standards module.  

Commenting on the collaboration, Joop Talstra, Manager of Standardization at Philips IP&S said “We look forward to continuing our work together. As a leading global innovator, Philips is continuously developing and expanding its intellectual property and standards portfolio. Iprova’s new module will help our engineers to make significant inputs to the definition of new and exciting standards, which we will bring to a variety of important industries and sectors.”

Julian Nolan, CEO at Iprova concluded: “Philips is a long-standing client which is a leader in driving various technical standards and, at the same time, also has an ethos and desire to enable contributions to these standards to be made in a way which is as accessible, open and efficient as possible. The creation of solutions for technical standards poses an increasing challenge worldwide and the new standards module which Philips is pioneering will save them time and effort and will, crucially, enhance their ability to create the right solutions at the right time. Iprova is pleased to be at the forefront of the development of global technical standards. As technologies continue to converge, our standards module addresses an increasing need”.

Press contact: Colin Eade, Marketing Manager – ceade@iprova.com

About Iprova: Iprova is pioneering the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies which augment and enhance the human ability to invent. Working with some of the world’s best-known technology companies, our invention platform enables the products of tomorrow to be invented faster and more efficiently than has previously been possible, helping companies to compete more effectively. We support our global client-base from our offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), London and Cambridge (UK).

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