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The team inventing the future

Tech company hiring for the new job category of Invention Developer

Swiss startup Iprova is using artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way humans approach invention. The company is combining artificial intelligence (AI) with a team of creative scientific minds, known as invention developers, to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s products and services. Iprova is now looking to grow its team of invention developers to match both the expanding capabilities of its AI system and the growing market demand for intelligent invention.

Jasper Van den Berg, an invention developer working at Iprova’s head office in Lausanne, asserts that Iprova’s invention developer role redefines inventors for the digital age. “Traditional inventors were scientists or engineers with a deep understanding of a specific technical field. This only gave the inventor access to a limited amount of research insight,” explains Van den Berg.

“Even collaborative inventing through teamwork only provides insight into a handful of additional fields, since it’s just a team of specialists. With such approaches to invention, researchers can only dig deeper into specific areas rather than offering genuine innovation by taking the field in a different direction.

“Iprova does this on a massive scale – in real-time – by using data from across the spectrum of human knowledge to make connections between ideas from different fields of study.”

Iprova’s invention developer role provides a unique perspective on this. The job involves scientists and engineers working in a role made possible thanks to AI, with invention developers using data presented by Iprova’s intelligent algorithms to create inventions that define the products and services of tomorrow.

“The invention developer is a job that goes hand in hand with technological advancement,” explains Julian Nolan, founder of Iprova. “Iprova is transforming invention by making use of data, algorithms and machines to streamline the research process and create inventions much faster and with greater diversity than would otherwise be possible.

“Our technology and invention developers have been successful in creating landmark inventions for some of the world’s best-known companies in the US and Asia, as well as in much of Europe. It allows us to operate in industries as diverse as healthcare, autonomous vehicles, finance and energy, which is only possible thanks to the data processing capabilities of our data-driven approach to invention. Our system has delivered jobs for the local economy and value to businesses and markets worldwide.”

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