Are these the best (or worst) Christmas inventions?

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Are these the best (or worst) Christmas inventions?

‘Tis the season to be merry. Well, that’s all nice and well, but for most of us Christmas time means we are rushed off our feet, trying to tick off a seemingly endless list of seasonal chores. If you secretly envy Santa for his little helpers and wish you had your own legion of good-natured elves to give you a helping hand, don’t despair. Hopefully, in the not so distant future, you will find yourself armed with a range of helping products that will make your life easier.

We had a look at the Christmas inventions out there. However, without the objective, data-driven invention approach Iprova pursues, not every Eureka moment results in value-creating, useful products. In fact, we let you be the judge of whether you think these inventions should see the light of day or not.

The first clue that you’re behind schedule is when all your friends start posting pictures of their sparkling Christmas trees and festively decorated interiors. To help you crack-on with the decorating business, this tree decorating assistant was designed to let you reach even the furthest branches without having to get the ladder out.

Just when you’re ready to share the snaps of your equally astonishing tree, your social media feed gets your alarm bells ringing. With reliable, annual recurrence you find yourself watching that video of a Christmas tree causing a blazing inferno in an obviously staged living room. Fear no more, the automatic Christmas tree fire extinguisher could keep you safe. The fact that it is cleverly hidden inside an ornament, will let you forget that it’s even there.

With the house looking festive, the pile of presents (well done, if you managed to get them all without relying on next-day delivery) are next on the list. To keep the illusion that the gifts have arrived directly from Santa’s workshop, the struggle with wrapping paper, tape, ribbons and gift tags is one of those night-time activities that regularly comes between you and a well-deserved evening in front of the TV. With the automatic package wrapping machine you could indulge in Love Actually, or whatever it is that’s on your ‘must-watch-every-Christmas’ list, whilst the wrapping is going on in the background. Admittedly, this one was probably designed for commercial use, but it’s too good an idea to not put it out there.

And just in case you’re one of those gift-wrapping warriors that take pride in elusively wrapping each and every gift with Origami-like detail, this belt tape dispenser could keep your hands free for even more accomplished wrapping. Obviously, only if you’re not serious about the Origami part otherwise there won’t be any trace of tape in your household.

“I’m dreaming of a white (…).” Dare we say it? What are the chances of snow at Christmas? And by snow we mean the lush, white stuff Wham is fooling around in, not the grey slush we’re usually blessed with. Imagine, you don’t have to leave the odds up to the weather god but can take matters literally into your own hands. Actually, you could do one better and add your own flavour with this edible snow maker. And if there is enough of it to start a snowball fight, you could try this snowball maker while you’re at it.

Enough of the cold stuff. It’s time to cuddle up inside in front of the fire. If only? If you don’t happen to live in a picturesque country cottage and your house only boasts one of those fake looking heaters with the hopeless pretence of being the real thing, this could be something for you. With the fire noise simulator you wouldn’t have to miss out on that lovely crackling noise. When you close your eyes, it would allow you to picture yourself in front of a cosy lit fireplace, Christmas tunes in the background and a nice drink in hand. Actually, there’s a good invention for that too – mulled wine pads. Instead of fuffing around with wine, oranges and spices, you can pop one of those into your coffee maker and voilà, your drink is served. (Really, there is no reason why every good office shouldn’t have some of those too!). Talking of drinks, another invention we stumbled upon is the eggnog maker. Whilst the younger generation may turn their noses up at the mention of eggnog (provided they have even heard of it), if it keeps granny happy it’s worth giving it a go. It may even work on the in-laws!

Now that the scene is set, the presents are wrapped, and you had some fun in the snow before cuddling up inside with a nice drink in hand, there’s only one more invention you need to make sure you don’t miss the main event. Provided you’ve made it onto his ‘nice’ list, the Santa Claus detector will alert you the minute the big man has delivered the rewards for being good all year.

So, there you have it – ten (not so) useful Christmas inventions. Whilst we’re not convinced they will live up to the promise of giving you a helping hand at Christmas, the attempt of creating valuable consumer products is evident to all of them. However, not every good idea turns into a good product and even less so into one that consumers are keen to use. This is why at Iprova we don’t leave good ideas to chance. With the help of our AI technology, we track and analyse technical, scientific and societal advances around the world which combined can form the ingredients for valuable breakthrough inventions. Our customers are active in domains such as energy, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, mobility and wearables. You may not be aware of it, but if one of the gifts you receive at Christmas turns out to be the thing you can’t live without a few days later, it may well have been created with the help of our technology.


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