Iprova Launches Initiative To Identify Essential Inventions For Post-Pandemic World

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Stuart Coyle

Iprova Launches Initiative To Identify Essential Inventions For Post-Pandemic World


Lausanne, Switzerland, April 15th, 2020:
Necessity is the mother of invention and, with the 2020s just beginning, this old adage is never more relevant. Today it may mean ventilators, face masks and COVID-19 testing, but what will it mean in the post-pandemic world? Will ride sharing, entertainment, dating, healthcare or even shopping ever be the same as they were just weeks ago?  Will the ripples that extend from today’s crises change the nature of the products and services that customers want to buy?

To navigate these questions, Iprova has today launched the ‘COVID19 Invention Initiative’ (‘C19II’). Iprova’s data-driven invention platform is identifying the inventive possibilities as the ripples of change from the current crises disrupt the product and service ecosystems that we as consumers rely on. Right now, all of us are looking for ways to adapt to the disruption that is changing our world. Iprova is stepping up to help society ready itself for these changes. By scoping out ‘smart spaces’ and delivering useful and relevant inventions for these, we enable companies to bring new products and services to market that fit with the likely experience journeys and consumer preferences of the post-pandemic world.

Iprova’s data-driven invention platform tracks day-day market, societal, scientific and technological advances, and enables us to identify inventive signals which can trigger and help create inventions.  The unmatched speed, diversity and agility of this process allow us to identify, on demand, emerging points of disruption and create unexpected, valuable and targeted inventions that will help define the next generation of innovative, useful and valuable products and services in the changing world that lies ahead.

“Recent developments have demonstrated the importance and urgency of identifying incoming disruption in real-time and with a wide-angle lens. Therefore, we are launching an invention initiative to help generate the ideas which are needed to tune the next – post pandemic – generation of products and services to the reflect the on-going societal and market change.” said Julian Nolan, CEO of Iprova.  “We are ready to help organisations to identify the most challenging opportunities for invention in the post pandemic world and populate these ‘smart spaces’ with strategically valuable inventions and practical solutions”.

Iprova invites interested organisations to contact us at to discuss how we can work together to manage and invent for disruption now and in future. We also welcome any media enquiries through