8 years strong

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8 years strong

It’s time for a little celebration here at Iprova – it’s our 8th anniversary and with each year we are growing stronger. But whilst as a company we have somewhat matured, the entrepreneurial spirit is still the same as on day one.

It was this time in 2010 that our CEO Julian Nolan founded Iprova at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland with the aim to re-invent invention. Julian believed that by using a data driven approach, Iprova would be able to create commercially relevant inventions faster and with a greater level of diversity than had been previously possible. The belief in Iprova’s new approach to invention was shared by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) who funded the early development of our core technology and recognized by Swisscom who selected Iprova as a winner of their start-up challenge in 2013.

But Iprova wouldn’t exist without our clients who share our sense of ingenuity. In 2012 we signed our first contract with Philips and three years on we saw our clients receive the first granted patents based on our inventions, and companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook citing these patents.

Today, we have developed a customer footprint that spans from Silicon Valley across Europe to Japan serving companies in diverse industries such as telecommunications, wearables, autonomous vehicles and healthcare. And with expanding our customer base we have expanded too. We now have an office in central London and are adding to the employees we already have in Cambridge. Our highly talented team of machine learning experts, engineers and scientists is ever growing, and if you share our passion for invention we will always make room for more. Have a look at our latest vacancies or contact us directly.

So here’s to pushing the boundaries of human creativity for the past 8 years and many more to come. But there’s only little time to celebrate before we need to get on with what we do best – create inventions that are defining the products and services of tomorrow.